Playing games and making money

Today I found Freespin Bonanza, and I gotta say, I both hate and love them. It all started when I claimed their latest casino bonus from the best casinos section. But then the time consumer was called Blade, it’s a free game that they offer that will keep you up all night. It is fun and bloody, just what we were looking for.

Best casino bonuses at

However the bonus I claimed and got credited instantly made me love those guys. I made a $100 deposit and got back $200 in a matter of minutes. Obviously I had to clear it before I could withdraw but it was still a cosy moment to see your money get doubled in five minutes.

I still haven’t made a withdrawal because it’s just so freakin’ fun to play. I am up to $700 and my wife is probably gonna stab me if she finds out I have a new Louie Vuitton bag for her right in my casino account.

I have to say, there isn’t much that can beat the feeling of winning $600 overnight. And I seriously don’t feel like I have to dig deeper to find the best casinos out there. These guys have point on reviews, a great looking site and for a mobile user like me, it works flawlessly.

Enough about Freespin Bonanza, just can’t hold myself together after they got my adrenaline through the roof. Over to the slot machines. I love the fact that you can actually try slot machines before you go for the real money kill. This is something that you can never do at a real casino. Another thing you can’t do at a real casino is enjoy a toilet session as you play. I feel like a little child again.

I’m gonna try to double these up to $1400 and then make a withdrawal and buy my wife something nice, perhaps even take her on a little vacation trip. Hope you guys feel as good as I do when I win money. Take care of your loved ones and be generous when winning, don’t be like most of the casino players and just keep going until you drop it all back into the ocean of casinos.

Hell, if I can keep going like this, I might as well quit my job. However, I subscriped to their newsletter so I can get the edge on free spins as soon as they release. I can recommend the same for you guys.

Stay sharp and hope you enjoyed my little story.